Brief Profile of Minister Simone Key

Minister Simone Key is what is termed a 'natural medium',
a naturally psychic and 'knowing' person since birth,
as were her mother and maternal grandmother before her.

During a period of critical illness her Mediumship and
the ability to clearly perceive the Spirit World flourished overnight.
The profound effect of her mediumistic experiences and the faith it engendered
brought her to the Arthur Findlay College, where since the mid 1990's,
she has forged a trail in furthering the teachings of Spiritualism, Healing and Mediumship. 

Simone is a warm and humorous person with a determined and serious approach to her work.
Teacher of Teachers, Senior Tutor and AFC Collegiate Committee Chairman, 
not only is she a motivational force within the college,
she also travels extensively in the UK and overseas.
Demonstrating and sharing her abilities with Students
and fellow Tutors she encourages a continued progression
within their spiritual and mediumistic evolvement.

Simone has always had an interest in people,
their nature, psychology and wellbeing. 
Her mother was Egyptian and her father Scottish,
an interesting combination that offers her
an innate understanding of people and
their differing cultural needs and social attitudes. 

She uses this experience and appreciation
to bring added depths to her work and training methods. 
She endeavours to lead by example to achieve the highest standards. 

Simone is a passionate Demonstrator of Evidential Mediumship
with a strong focus to detailed information. 
Her love of Trance and Trance Healing
brings its own very successful results
and a nurturing approach for her students and clients.  
It also helps support her investigative mind in furthering
her own research and understanding of human physiology.  

Despite her increasingly busy schedule Simone still finds time to introduce
new areas to her Lectures, Seminars and Workshops
and to offer Private Sessions by appointment. 


Visit www.simonekey.com or Contact her on simonekey@yahoo.com



Minister of the Spiritualists' National Union 
Teacher of the Spiritualists' National Union (TSNU) 
SNU Diplomas (DSNU)
Basic Foundation (Academic) - Public Speaking
SNU Certificates of Recognition (CSNU)
Public Speaking - Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)