It is no surprise to those that know her that, until Simone found Spiritualism, she was an atheist and a true sceptic; she refused to believe in anything spiritual throughout her childhood and teenage years.  Having a multi-religious and cultural family challenged her religious understanding and she recognises now that it simply made life easier not to believe in God and not to believe that everyone survives physical death.  However, despite her denying spirituality as a fact of life, she could not stop the premonitions and visions she experienced, or the ‘inner knowing’ she had about family and friends.


It was illness that brought her into Spiritualism.  Simone was recommended to see a healer by a friend, whereupon the healer told her she was very psychic but this comment certainly didn’t impress her.  By now, the door to her mind was slightly ajar and spiritual experiences came to her regularly, leading her to healing, mediumship and, ultimately and proudly, a Spiritualist Minister.


Simone is an Appointed Teacher (TSNU) of the Spiritualists’ National Union, a Diploma holder in Public Speaking and Spiritualist Education, as well as a Certificate holder in speaking, demonstrating and teaching.  She is also an Appointed Assessor. 


For the past seven years, Simone has held the position of Senior Tutor at The Arthur Findlay College. Her aim is to ensure our College retains its reputation as the finest Spiritualist teaching facility world-wide and believes its teachers are some of the very best. 


Simone also believes our objective is not only to prove survival of physical death but to understand that we are all part of that Divine essence, we call ‘God’.  Once we understand and accept that we have the capacity and capability to attune to the purest source of spiritual power, we will see the results in life-changing experiences.


Simone is much involved in the religion of Spiritualism and enjoys taking her religion out to the public at large.  The phenomena and philosophy of Spiritualism are often misunderstood and so she likes to dispel those myths, mysteries and commonly-held fears.  She believes that mediumship, in all its forms, is a natural process and our blending with the spirit world contributes to making our lives fulfilling and much more worthwhile.  


Simone also believes that good evidence given by mediums can change people's lives and, therefore, not only acknowledges the impact this can have on individuals but fully understands the responsibilities we have for delivering quality mediumship.


Simone regularly teaches many aspects of mediumship and healing, providing lectures, seminars and workshops nationally and internationally, as well as teaching teachers.  The subject of trance is very close to her heart and trance healing, trance speaking and trance communication are intrinsic to her.  


Helping people understand their own personal composition is part of Simone's aims, as well as enabling them to develop their sensitivity and spirituality to help them cope with life.  Simone is passionate in her belief that we are all individuals with individual life experiences and, therefore, each of us is different in our communication with the spirit world.  


Simone’s approach to her work as a teacher of mediumship, healing and trance is down-to-earth, clearly and succinctly explained, as well as being supportive and encouraging to her students.  


She appreciates the many difficulties we meet throughout our spiritual development and endeavours to help, support and encourage individuals whose desire is to become worthy ambassadors for the spirit world. 


Simone is thrilled to announce that she will be running a personal mentorship scheme at The Barbanell Centre, Stafford, in 2018 and 2019.  This is a two-year intensive scheme aimed at taking students’ mediumship to a higher level.


Students who are not already Individual Members of the Spiritualists’ National Union will be required to become such within the first year of the scheme.  A Ceretificate of Attendance and completion for all students who complete the scheme will be issued.  This scheme provides the opportunity for all students to study for the Certificate of Recognition in both speaking and demonstrating mediumship over a period of two years and all SNU qualifications will be ratified by the SNU’s Exponents’ Committee.


All students will be required to enter into a contract to study.  During years one and two, three five-day courses will be delivered at The Barbanell Conference Centre.




Course Costs £1,900.00.  Places are limited and a 15% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place.


• Payment plan available

Year 1:

3 payments of £305.00, each payment to be made no later than 30 days before the booked course dates.

Year 2:  

2 payments of £235.00 each payment to be made no later than 30 days before the booked course dates.

Final Payment:  £230.00


• Hotel transfers to the Centre
• Lunch and daily refreshments included
• Does not include accommodation


For further details, please ring 01785 615513

Email:  enquiries@barbanellcentre.org


Course includes three five-day courses per year for two years.

Dates are:


9th to 13th May

2nd to 6th July

10th to 14th December



13th to 17th May

1st to 5th July

2nd to 6th December


The following elements will be covered during the scheme under the tuition of Simone:


1.Development and Power of the Spirit

2.The Code of Conduct for Award Holders

3.Brief History of Modern Spiritualism

4.Knowledge of the Spiritualists’ National Union

5.Philosophy and Address based on Seven Principles, inspirational and prepared.

6.Prayer & Reading

7.Voice Projection

8.Body Language/Mannerisms

9.Mechanics and Philosophy of Mediumship

10.Responsibilities of Mediumship and Interpretation 

11.Styles of Delivery of a Contact

12.Mediumship and the Law

13.Handling the Congregation/Recipient

14.Presentation of Address and Demonstration of Mediumship

15.Responsibility and Ethics of taking Services & Demonstrations


After completion of the above modules, you may wish to proceed to apply for the CSNU.  If so, you will need to have completed the SNU’s SD1 and SD4 Education Courses to a minimum of ‘B’ level pass.


You will need to jave the APL (Accreditation for Prior Learning) form signed by your mentor, Simone.


You may then apply through th SNU Training & Awards Committee procedures to attend a Final Assessment Board for each separate discipline, that is, Speaking and/or Demonstrating.


At these Boards, you may be awarded a PAS level accreditation or a CSNU Award according to your ability shown at the Board.


Simone understands the necessity for the religion of Spiritualism to have good quality speakers and demonstrators.  Her experience as an Assessor for the Teachers’ Training Course at The Arthur Findlay College over a period of many years’ has enabled her to understand one’s need to be fair and firm but never unkind.  She acknowledges her style will be different compared to other teachers as she utilises many self-taught techniques to achieve her objectives in both speaking and demonstrating mediumship.


Simone always endeavours to give the very best of her knowledge and expertise to her students as her aim is to train good ambassadors for both spirit and Spiritualism. 

Simone Key is a Minister and  
Teacher of the Spiritualists' National Union (TSNU) 
SNU Diplomas (DSNU)
Basic Foundation (Academic) - Public Speaking
SNU Certificates of Recognition (CSNU)
Public Speaking - Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)